WattaBird! Understanding the Split-Opaline genetics in African LoveBirds

WattaBird! Understanding the Split-Opaline  genetics in African LoveBirds

This topic is basic knowledge for an experienced African LoveBirds Breeder, but can be confusing and sometimes causes some misunderstanding for newbie Breeders.

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For this article, I will try to provide some useful references to ensure that you know what to take note and what to watch out for when sourcing for a Split-Opaline African LoveBird.

Using a Split-Opaline Cock for your breeding program depends a lot on a trustworthy source for your African LoveBird cock (Split-Opaline).

Therefore, you have to source your Split-Opaline Cock from a reputable and trustworthy Breeder or Aviary.

Using a Split-Opaline Cock for your breeding program will also be budget friendly (You know what I mean).

It is important to note that only the Cock can be Split-Opaline.

Since the Opaline gene is a Sex-Linked, please take note that there will never be Split-Opaline daughters.

And most importantly, the Split-Opaline is not visual. This means the Split-Opaline African LoveBird will look exactly the same as a Normal African LoveBird, but they are genetically different. This is where the confusion and misunderstanding come into play.

You can only confirm a Split-Opaline Cock by breeding evidence.

And therefore, as I have mentioned earlier and I cannot emphasize it more that it is very very important to source your Split-Opaline cock from a reputable and trustworthy Breeder or Aviary.

You may want to check out this article for your breeding reference: WattaBird Breeding Chart: Opaline in African LoveBirds

To learn more about the Opaline Breeding chart, please visit the WattaBird Breeding Chart: Opaline in African LoveBirds

Slate Split to Opaline (Cock)

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