WattaBird GALLERY! Baby Fischer African LoveBirds

WattaBird GALLERY! Baby Fischer African LoveBirds

Mauve Fischer
This is a result of two Dark factors.
By pairing two dark factors (back-to-back Violet Fischer),
this pairing has resulted to a Gray color (Mauve).
ALBS2: African Lovebird (Eye-Ring)
 This is an offspring of my African Lovebird Breeder.
Cock: Violet Fischer x Hen: Violet Fischer


Albino Fischer
ALBS2: African LoveBird (Eye-Ring) 
This is an exact duplicate of the Father except for the Red-Eye.
This offspring has completely White feathers and Red eyes.
This is an offspring of my African Lovebird Breeder.
Cock: Bulls White x Hen: Bulls Yellow
Note: If the eyes are black, this becomes a Bulls White Fisher.


Lutino Fischer
ALBS2: African LoveBird (Eye-Ring)
This is an exact duplicate of the mother except for the Red-Eye.
Note the Reddish Orange covering the entire head and the upper breast 
to the upper abdomen. This is the coloration of a pure Lutino.
 This is an offspring of my African Lovebird Breeder. 
Cock: Bulls White x Hen: Bulls Yellow
Note: If the eyes are black, this becomes a Bulls Yellow Fisher.


African Lovebirds in a Flight
ALBS1: African Lovebird (Non-Eye-Ring)
In this photo: Peach-Face Green, Peach-Face Ysabel, 
Rose-Mask Green Edge, Seagreen


"The main objective of WattaBird.com is to promote African LoveBirds Breeding as a hobby, share breeding experiences, tips, techniques, best practices, and most importantly to promote camaraderie among LoveBirds Breeders." WattaBird.com



  1. you have beautiful birds collection..

  2. hi bro..can u teach how to breed sable mutation?tq..

  3. I would like to know where I can buy a albino eyering and how much?

    1. I have one about to leave the nest in North East England

  4. Beautiful collection of beautiful birds with the information about crossing( parents)

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