WattaBird! OPALINE Mutation in African LoveBirds

WattaBird! OPALINE Mutation in African LoveBirds

The Opaline African LoveBird is a mutation which is characterized by the facial mask extending fully to cover from head up to the shoulders (full hood) of an African LoverBird. The rump color will be the same as the body and the tips of the tail will be the same color as the hood.

The Opaline gene is Sex-Linked. This means that Sex-Linked inheritance in African LoveBirds are traits that are carried in the genetic chromosomes that also determines the sex of the offspring. 

Since the Opaline trait is sex-linked, daughters will NEVER be Split-Opaline.

Daughters can only be either Visual Opaline or Normal.

Sons on the other hand can be, Visual Opaline or Split-Opaline.

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To learn more about the Opaline Breeding chart, please visit the 

WattaBird Breeding Chart: Opaline in African LoveBirds

WattaBird Gallery: Opaline Mutations on ALB2

(Eye Ring African LoveBirds)

Photo Credits: Jun Aviary

WattaBird Gallery: Opaline Mutations on ALB1 (Non-Eye Ring African LoveBirds)

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