WattaBird! Unlocking the Palette: Breeding African Lovebirds for Mesmerizing Mutations!

WattaBird! Unlocking the Palette: Breeding African Lovebirds for Mesmerizing Mutations! Breeding African Lovebirds to create new mutations can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for aviculturists. Here are some potential breeding combinations to produce new African Lovebird mutations: Lutino x Lutino: Breeding two lutino African Lovebirds can result in offspring with a higher chance of being lutino, which is a beautiful all-yellow mutation. Lutino x Pied: Crossing a lutino with a pied Lovebird can produce visually striking pied lutinos with patches of yellow and other colors. Turquoise x Blue: Pairing a turquoise Lovebird with a blue one can produce visually appealing turquoise blues, which have a combination of turquoise and blue feathers. Violet x Blue: Breeding a violet Lovebird with a blue Lovebird can result in visually striking violet blues, combining the violet and blue colorations. Opaline x Normal: Crossing an opaline Lovebird with a normal one can produce opaline offspring

WattaBird! Opaline Euwing mutation in Fischer African LoveBirds

WattaBird! Opaline Euwing mutation in Fischer African LoveBirds

I first came across the Opaline Euwing mutation in the Fischer LoveBirds from an article posted by Dominique Veeckmans in 2016. He was the president of BVA (Belgium Lovebird Association). 

He shared that he was able to breed Opaline Euwing Fischer LoveBirds using a breeding pair of Opaline Green Fischer mated to a Euwing Green Fischer.

Let us try to understand the source of his breeding material.

The Opaline Fischer LoveBird is a mutation which is characterized by the facial mask extending fully to cover from the head up to the shoulders (full hood) of a Fischer LoveBird.

The Euwing Fischer Lovebird is mutation that is characterized by its pretty looking gradation pattern on its wings and patterned tails.

When these two mutations are paired together (Opaline x Euwing), the result becomes very interesting, because both factors affect the pigmentation (color) and gradation pattern on the feathers.

Here is an excerpt from an article about the Opaline Euwing mutation, written by Dominique Veeckmans, President of BVA (Belgium Lovebird association)

 "The SL recessive opaline mutation will reorder pigments present in a bird. For example, the orange-red mask of Fischer’s Lovebird Agapornis fischeri will extend to the back of the head, the wing covert feathers will obtain a minimal edged pattern, the rump will become predominantly green and the tail feathers will develop a predominantly orange-red colour.

The autosomal incomplete dominant euwing mutation of Agapornis fischeri will dull the colour of the black eumelanin pigment in the body feathers and on the mantle of SF (single factor) birds. The effect on the pigment is stronger with DF (double factor) birds, and some additional eumelanin even ends up in the feathers of the wing coverts. As a result, both phenotypes give the impression of a darker colour on the wing coverts.

Through the combination of both mutations we see that the Fischer’s Lovebird becomes a bit paler on the body, as a result, the contrast of the almost yellow body, the party green wing coverts and the completely orange-red head appears even brighter. As you can see in the picture, this combination is really striking."

Dominique Veeckmans, President of BVA (Belgium Lovebird association)

The result of this breeding pair of Opaline Green Fischer mated to a Euwing Green Fischer is an Opaline Euwing LoveBird. The Opaline Euwing mutation will definitely be a favourite and will still evolve to produce much more beautiful offspring and widen this mutation. Breeding further therefore will evolve in very special color combinations and gradation patterns.

Watch out for more Breeders sharing their beautiful breeding results!

WattaBird Gallery: Opaline Euwing Fischer LoveBirds

This gallery provides you with some samples of the Opaline Euwing Fischer LoverBirds.

This is still an evolving mutation.

Reference: Opaline Euwing mutation

Photo Credits: Jun Aviary, Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines. https://tinyurl.com/JunAviaryCabuyao

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