WattaBird! Unlocking the Palette: Breeding African Lovebirds for Mesmerizing Mutations!

WattaBird! Unlocking the Palette: Breeding African Lovebirds for Mesmerizing Mutations! Breeding African Lovebirds to create new mutations can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for aviculturists. Here are some potential breeding combinations to produce new African Lovebird mutations: Lutino x Lutino: Breeding two lutino African Lovebirds can result in offspring with a higher chance of being lutino, which is a beautiful all-yellow mutation. Lutino x Pied: Crossing a lutino with a pied Lovebird can produce visually striking pied lutinos with patches of yellow and other colors. Turquoise x Blue: Pairing a turquoise Lovebird with a blue one can produce visually appealing turquoise blues, which have a combination of turquoise and blue feathers. Violet x Blue: Breeding a violet Lovebird with a blue Lovebird can result in visually striking violet blues, combining the violet and blue colorations. Opaline x Normal: Crossing an opaline Lovebird with a normal one can produce opaline offspring

WattaBird! Featured Breeder: Malic Aviary

WattaBird! Featured Breeder: Malic Aviary

Malic Aviary

Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

The featured African LoveBirds Breeder for this week is Malic Aviary from Cainta, Rizal, Philippines.
Malic Aviary is breeding Fischer LoveBirds with focus on the Opaline mutations.

Check out the Breeding Program shared by Malic Aviary in the later part of this blog.

These are some of the offspring from the Malic Aviary Breeding program.

This gallery showcases some photos from Malic Aviary. Please enjoy the gallery, starting from the chicks being hatched, and up to some days old.

These are some on the Breeding Pairs the Malic Aviary has used for his Breeding Program

This is the beauty of Breeding African LoveBirds. You get to plan on what mutations you want and start a breeding pair to produce the mutations you projected. The reward you feel when you are able to produce the mutation you planned, is that of great feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.

These are some of the Fischer LoveBirds Mutations in Malic Aviary

Malic Aviary Breeding Program

As promised, this section will provide you a sample Breeding Program from Malic Aviary.

Breeding Pair: 

Parblue Pastel Split-Opaline Split-Lutino (c)

Green Pastel Opaline Split-Lutino (h)

Projected Offspring: Sons and Daughters are Lutino... can be Opaline or Normal

The actual offspring produced are Opaline Lutino and Parblue Pastel Opaline (Possible Split-Ino).

The challenge with African LoveBirds breeding, is finding the correct materials for your breeding pair. You will be very lucky to get the exact mutation you need. In most cases, you use whatever good material is available, which is possibly composed of different factor combinations. In any case, the breeding African LoveBirds is a very fulfilling hobby.

This is the Breeding Pair

The Cock is a Parblue Pastel Split-Opaline Split-Lutino and paired with a Green Pastel Opaline Split-Ino Hen

These are the Offspring. A result of a successful Breeding Program!

The offspring are visual Opaline Lutino and Parblue Pastel Opaline (Possible Split-Ino).

Look how beautiful these LoveBirds are!

Offspring: Parblue Opaline Pastel (Possible Split-Ino); Lutino Opaline

Photo Credits: Malic Aviary

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