WattaBird! Featured Breeder: D&L Mini Aviary

WattaBird! Featured Breeder: D&L Mini Aviary

D&L Mini Aviary

Bay, Laguna, Philippines

The featured African LoveBirds Breeder for this week is D&L Mini Aviary from Bay, Laguna, Philippines.

D&L Mini Aviary is breeding Fischer LoveBirds with focus on the Opaline mutations.

“If You want to get into African Lovebirds Breeding, You have to be patient and be passionate about this hobby.”D&L Mini Aviary

D&L Mini Aviary Breeding Program

Breeding Pair: 

Green Split-Opaline (c) x Green Opaline (h)

Projected Offspring (Sons): 
Half of Sons are Opaline and Half are Split-Opaline

Projected Offspring (Daughters): 
 Half of Daughters are Opaline and Half are Non-Opaline

This is the HEN. 
This is a Green Opaline Hen

The COCK is in the background. 
Cock is Green Split-Opaline cock

Here are some more photos of the Breeding Pair 

Green Split-Opaline (c) x Green Opaline (h)

These are the offspring. These are just about a few days old

Come back some other time to see the chicks all grown up!

Here is a video of the Breeding Pair.

The Hen is the one in the feeder. While the Cock is in the perch.

Photo & Video Credits: D&L Mini Aviary

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