WattaBird GALLERY! Peach-Face African LoveBirds

 Peach-Face African LoveBirds

These are just a few of the Peach-Face mutation LoveBirds.
Peach-Face Green LoveBird
PeachHood Green Opaline

This is a PeachHood Green Opaline split to White-Face LoveBird.
This carries a White-Face mutation.

This is a RedHood Green split to WhiteHood Opaline LoveBird (Cock).
This is an offspring of the following:
Cock: Orange-Face split to RoseMask / Cinnamon / Opaline
Hen: WhiteHood Dutch Blue split Violet Opaline

This is a mature cock Peach-Face Green LoveBird.
The face coloring is darker on a mature LoveBird.

This is a young Peach-Face Green LoveBird.
The young Peach-Face LoveBird usually have black coloring traces on its beak,
but these traces fades away as the bird matures. 
Notice also that the face coloring is lighter than that of a matured LoveBird. 

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