WattaBird! Breeding RoseHood Opaline African Lovebirds

WattaBird! Breeding RoseHood Opaline African Lovebirds

The objective of this breeding project is to produce RoseHood Opaline Lovebirds.

For this breeding project, the Cock is a RedHood Green Opaline LoveBird while the Hen is a RoseMasked Green Edge LoveBird.

The RedHood of the Cock and the RoseMasked of the Hen are the characteristics that I'm trying to combine to produce RoseHood Opaline Lovebirds.

The Cock being an Opaline, while the Hen being Non-Opaline will result in the following projections.

Breeder: Cock: Opaline LoveBird x Hen: Non-Opaline LoveBird

Projected Offspring:

All Sons are split to Opaline LoveBirds
All Daughters are visual Opaline  LoveBirds

ACTUAL Offspring: Coming Soon! Breeder has started mating already.

Breeding RoseHood Opaline LoveBird Gallery

Above is a picture of my Breeder.
On top is the Cock (Robin) which is a RedHood Green Opaline LoveBird.
Just below is the Hen (Rossy) which is a RoseMasked Green Edge LoveBird.

Here's a solo picture of Robin (Hood) the Cock.
Robin is a RedHood Green Opaline LoveBird.

Here's a solo picture of Rossy the Hen.
Rossy is a RoseMasked Green Edge Lovebird.

Here's another shot of my Breeder LoveBird.
The one on the left is the Cock, a RedHood Green Opaline Lovebird.
The one on the right is the Hen, a RoseMasked Green Edge Lovebird.

"The main objective of wattabird.com is to promote African LoveBirds Breeding as a hobby, share breeding experiences, tips, techniques, best practices, and most importantly, to promote camaraderie among LoveBirds Breeders." - WattaBird.com


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