Chronicles of an African Lovebird Enthusiast!

Welcome to blog!

The WattaBird Blog started as a place to record the chronicles of my breeding programs.

The WattaBird Blog will try to share as much information I can, to help spread the interest in African LoveBirds.

Information posted here will include those I have gathered based on my personal research, knowledge shared by other breeders, as well as the results of my personal breeding programs.

The idea is to share breeding knowledge, learning experiences, tips, techniques and best practices.

This site also aims to help breeders showcase their aviary, share their breeding programs, and most especially to promote camaraderie among African LoveBirds Breeders.

I hope that this site will be useful to other African Lovebird Breeders.


An African Lovebird Enthusiast!


  1. I have just found your site and looking forward to reading and viewing your breeding chronicles.


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